The turquoise

Turquoise is so popular that its name has become a color

What is turquoise?

Turquoise is an opaque mineral, the shade of which can vary from blue, blue-green, to green and green with hints of yellow. Due to the charming colors in which the stone appears in nature, it has been among the favorites of several civilizations since ancient times.

As a rule, this brightly colored stone is found only in areas where heat reigns and the land is barren. Acidic, copper-rich water seeping through deep cracks. There, it reacts with other minerals, resulting in this gem of the earth, called turquoise.

How do we wear Turquoise?

The bold color Turquoise doesn't give us many options when it comes to outfits, but who doesn't like a challenge? Broadly speaking, we could say that we have two options. The first is to choose an outfit in neutral colors so that the stone can enjoy the attention it deserves.

The second option is to do the exact opposite! Let your imagination run wild and try to find the opposite colors in the spectrum. Although it may sound imposing, in the right amounts turquoise and mandarin orange can provide that contrast that will lift you out of anonymity.


It is no secret that many ancient civilizations of South America possessed wealth never before seen in the world. They used gold as a basic material even for mundane objects or simple decoration. But, nevertheless, they valued Turquoise even more than the precious metal. Statuettes, jewelry and other accessories were handmade by the most skilled artisans of the time, and then dedicated to the gods themselves.

Today, Turquoise remains the sure stone whose name designates a color. This phenomenon is found only in the most precious metals such as gold and silver. About this stone Semai says that it would suit those born in December, and that it brings the wearer a state of calm and security.