Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of use of the website www.indira.ro

This document refers to the conditions under which the www.indira.ro website can be used.

By accessing or using the www.indira.ro website, you agree to the terms and conditions below. This website is owned and managed by INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL

How do I choose?

Browse the site, study the products and prices and then add them to your shopping cart by pressing the "Add to Cart" button. In the shopping cart you can make changes to the selected products, change the quantities, delete a product, empty the cart.

How do I buy?


To be able to make an online order after entering the website, you must enter the desired subcategory and you will see all the products in this subcategory. If there are multiple colors or sizes available for the same product, please position yourself on the desired color and select the size you wish to order. To be able to order a product, it is necessary to click on its picture to view it and to see its description and price. The picture was on the left side and the short description, code and price on the right side of your screen. Under the price you have the heading no. units (where you can pass as many pieces as you want) and the add to cart column. By clicking add to cart, the product will be added to your shopping list. If you want to add other products, close the "Cart" section to resume shopping. To complete the order, you need to press "View Cart". Check the products in your basket so that they are the right color and size, and if you have a coupon you can enter it in the "Coupon Code" section. Afterwards select "Continue with Completion". On this page you must enter your delivery and contact details, select the method of transport and payment. If you have other comments, you can send them to us in the "Comments" section. Once you have ensured that the data entered is correct, press the "Place Order" button. You will shortly receive a message confirming the placement of your order.

2. Create an account

The website http://www.indira.ro can be accessed free of charge, and simply browsing its pages is not conditional on registering as a user (creating a user account on the Site). However, in order to benefit from certain services offered by the Site, such as purchasing the products offered by it, receiving the http://www.indira.ro newsletter or checking the status of your own orders, you will need to register as a user (create an account user on the Site). Registering as a user implies your prior acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of use of http://www.indira.ro and its Privacy Policy. These regulations constitute the contractual basis of the relations between users and the Company.

Since the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy may be modified, please review them periodically. If you no longer agree with these provisions, please stop accessing/using http://www.indira.ro services.

If you use this Site, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your user account credentials created on the Site and agree to be responsible for all activities performed under your user account created on the Site.

http://www.indira.ro may sell products for children under 14 (fourteen) years of age, but sells them to adults, who are authorized to make online payments by card or by any other payment method accepted by http://www. indira.ro. If you are under 14 (fourteen) years old, you can purchase http://www.indira.ro products only with the help of a parent or guardian.

http://www.indira.ro reserves the right to close user accounts, to modify or remove texts, images, hyperlinks, or to refuse the sale of products, at its own discretion.

3. Indira loyalty points

After each completed order, registered users benefit from 10% Cashback of the order value in the form of Indira loyalty points. These points are only awarded to non-returned orders, and their value will be changed following exchanges made to that order.

The points obtained are valid for 90 days from the moment the order is completed.

The points become active after 10 calendar days from placing the order, and can only be used for orders subsequent to the one from which the points were obtained.

Working hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00.

Orders launched and registered on the www.indira.ro website, from Friday, after 3:00 p.m., until Monday, 9:00 a.m., will be confirmed (by phone or e-mail) and processed on the first working day of the following week.

For information related to orders, you can call the following phone numbers: 0726 963 030; Contact person: Elena Popa. You can also contact us at the e-mail address: office@indira.ro.

The moment of concluding the contract:

According to the regulations in force, namely Government Ordinance no. 130/2000 regarding the legal regime of distance contracts, the moment of concluding the distance contract is the moment of confirmation by INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL of the acceptance of the order sent by you.

Subject of the contract :

The object of the contract is the products for which you have expressed your option to buy them, by placing an order, the order which was later confirmed by the company INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL. The products have the characteristics mentioned on the website www.indira.ro and are accompanied, as appropriate, by warranty certificates.

The price of the products:

The price of the purchased products is the one mentioned on the website www.indira.ro and includes VAT.

The minimum value of the order, for which the transport is free, is 200 Lei.

For orders with a value of less than 200 Lei, the shipping value is 15 Lei regardless of the destination.

The discount corresponding to vouchers/coupons cannot be combined with other promotions or seasonal offers.

Order payment:

Payment for the purchased products is made in cash, cash on delivery, by card or payment order.

Delivery of products:

Delivery is made by courier to the delivery address indicated by you, through Fan Courier partners.

The delivery time for Bucharest is a maximum of 24-48 hours from the confirmation of the order, and for the province a maximum of 72 hours from its confirmation.

We ship Indira products, through our partner DHL, to all member countries of the European Union, with certain exceptions. Delivery is free for orders over 450 Ron and delivered in the European Union and the United Kingdom. International delivery time is between 4 and 7 working days. All Indira products shipped internationally are 100% insured. In the case of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, as a result of the exit from the European Union, the customs fee for shipping gold and silver jewelry to the UK is 2.5% of the declared value of the goods.

Black Friday and other promotional campaigns

In the case of these campaigns, the delivery time can vary between 24 hours and 7 days. The large number of orders may cause delivery delays. We apologize, and assure you that we are doing our best to speed up the delivery process.

Also within these types of campaigns, coupons and value or percentage vouchers, from other previous campaigns or from newsletter subscriptions, more precisely the corresponding discounts, do not apply to the promotional price. Coupons and vouchers can only be used and applied to the full price of the product.

The products in the Black or Flash promotions are original, sealed, without hidden defects. Campaigns of this kind also run with limited stock items, therefore there may be situations where the ordered product has become unavailable in the meantime. The large number of orders generated is processed by the technical platforms based on the FIFO system.

If you want more details about your order or about the next Black campaign, don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for understanding!

Contact numbers: 0726 963 030;

Contact e-mail address: office@indira.ro;

Product return information:


According to the Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 on consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals, as well as for the amendment and completion of some normative acts, you have the right to withdraw from a contract concluded at a distance, without citing a reason, within 14 calendar days, term which runs from the day "you or a third party, other than the carrier, indicated by you, enters physical possession of the products".

The exception to the right of withdrawal from the contract are goods made according to the specifications presented by the Buyer or clearly customized by him, according to GEO 34/2014: art 16. paragraph c) "the supply of products made according to the specifications presented by the consumer or customized in a way clear;"

In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us about your decision to withdraw from this contract, using an unequivocal statement by e-mail: office@indira.ro.

You can also complete and submit electronically from our website www.indira.ro the standard withdrawal form or any other unequivocal statement. If you use this option, we will send you confirmation of receipt of the withdrawal request without delay, on a durable medium, for example by e-mail (change the address in the form).

Or you can opt for the accessible option in the online customer account.

To meet the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient to send the communication regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiry of the withdrawal period of 14 calendar days.


If you withdraw, we will refund the amount we have received from you without undue delay and in any event no later than 14 days from the date on which we are informed of your decision to withdraw from this contract, but we may delay refunding the amounts until we receive the products back or until you provide us with proof that you have sent the products back, whichever is the earliest. We will make this refund by bank transfer; you will not be charged any fees as a result of such refund.

The costs of refunding the products as a result of exercising the right of withdrawal will be borne by www.indira.ro.

You are responsible only for the diminution in value of the products resulting from handling other than those necessary to determine the nature, qualities and operation of the products.

The product is returned without damage, signs of wear, scratches, bumps, missing accessories, together with the packaging in which it was delivered (delivery box, jewelry box) and its warranty.

CAREFUL! In the event that the box or the protective element in which the product is located contain product identification elements (such as: product description, characteristics, product code / lot, instructions for use, age indications), they also perform other additional functions , not being considered "packaging" according to Law no. 249/2015. Therefore, the PRODUCT CAN ONLY BE RETURNED TOGETHER WITH THESE BOXES OR PROTECTIVE ELEMENTS, otherwise INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL will not accept the products. Deprived of the possibility of being identified and without description, the products become unfit for further use and marketing.

If the products are delivered to the consumer by INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL in a packaging for transport (bubble film for packaging, cardboard box that does not contain product identification elements), in order to prevent damage to the product during handling and / or transport, it is not necessary for the products to be returned in these packages.

They are exempt from the right of withdrawal, according to art. 16 of the Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 the following: "c) the provision of products made according to the specifications presented by the consumer or clearly personalized; d) providing products that are likely to deteriorate or expire quickly; e) supply of sealed products that cannot be returned for health protection or hygiene reasons and that have been unsealed by the consumer; f) the supply of products that are, after delivery, according to their nature, inseparably mixed with other elements."


Under the terms of Law no. 449/2003 on the sale of products and their associated guarantees - republished, the seller is liable to the consumer for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery of the products.

In case of lack of conformity, the consumer has the right to ask the seller to bring the product into conformity, without payment, by repair or replacement or to benefit from the corresponding price reduction or contract resolution. In case of non-conformity, the consumer has the right to ask the seller first of all to repair the product, or has the right to request the replacement of the product, in each case free of charge, unless the measure is impossible or disproportionate. The term "free of charge" refers to all costs necessary to bring the product into compliance, including postage, shipping, handling, diagnostics, expertise, disassembly, assembly, labor, materials used and packaging.

It is not considered to be a lack of conformity if, at the time of concluding the sales contract, the consumer knew or could not, reasonably, have been unaware of this lack of conformity, or if the lack of conformity originates in the materials provided by the consumer.

The seller's liability is engaged if the lack of conformity occurs within a period of 1 year, calculated from the delivery of the product. For products whose average duration of use is less than 1 year, the term is reduced to this duration.

Any replacement of the products will be made within a reasonable period of time, established by mutual agreement, in writing, for the seller and the consumer, and without any significant inconvenience to the consumer, taking into account the nature of the products and the purpose for which he requested the products. The established time period cannot exceed 15 calendar days from the date on which the consumer informed the seller of the lack of conformity of the product.

The lack of conformity of the products must be notified in writing to the seller within 2 months from the date of its discovery. After the expiration of the 1-year term, calculated from the date of delivery, consumers cannot claim the remedy or replacement of products that cannot be used for the purpose for which they were made as a result of hidden defects that appeared within the average duration of use, under the law .

Oxidation of silver jewelry is not considered a lack of conformity, as this is a natural process of silver and the oxide layer can be removed. Also, the warranty does not cover oxidation of jewelry.


The seller warrants the consumer against any hidden defects which render the goods sold unfit for the use for which they are intended or which diminish their use or value to such an extent that, had they been known, the buyer would not have purchased or would have given a lower price. The guarantee is due if the defect or its cause exists on the date of delivery of the good. The seller does not owe a guarantee against defects that the consumer was aware of at the conclusion of the contract. That defect is hidden which, at the time of delivery, could not have been discovered, without expert assistance, by a prudent and diligent buyer.

INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL guarantees, in accordance with the provisions of Ordinance no. 21/1992 on consumer protection - republished, with subsequent amendments and additions, of Law no. 296/2004 regarding the Consumer Code and Law no. 449/2003 on the sale of products and the guarantees associated with them, that the products sold are in accordance with the quality standards in force of the European Community. The guarantee is granted in accordance with the Romanian laws in force on the date of purchase and the guarantee certificate accompanying the delivered product.

Complaints are sent in writing to the Supplier's headquarters in the Municipality of Bucharest, str. G Dem Teodorescu No. 11-13, et 5, apartment 39, sector 3, Tel.: 0726 963 030;, or by e-mail to the address: support@ indira.ro, having the obligation to be accompanied by the invoice/receipt, the warranty certificate and a description of the observed problem (written complaint, signed and dated by the buyer).

The product will be returned by the customer by courier to the premises of the aforementioned Supplier. The product can only be returned if it is in the original packaging. The transport cost of the returned product will be borne by the customer, unless otherwise specified, following that in the event of the non-conformity of the product, INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL will return the transport cost to the customer, by postal order/payment order to the account indicated by this. After analyzing the complaint, in the event of finding the lack of conformity of the product, INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL will proceed, as appropriate, to: repair / replace the product, offer the customer an appropriate price reduction or proceed to the resolution of the contract, returning to the customer the price paid by this by bank transfer.

INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL will make no more than 2 attempts to make the return.

Intellectual property rights:

The materials presented on the www.indira.ro website and any information sent via e-mail are the property of INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL or its partners in this project, as the case may be, and are protected by copyright, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights. You can report possible copyright infringements to the email address: office@indira.ro.

INDIRA is a registered trademark of INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION.

User rights:

The user of www.indira.ro has the right to view the site on the computer monitor, to print parts of the site content on paper and to save pages in electronic format only for personal, non-commercial purposes.

Obligations of the user:

The user of www.indira.ro has no right to use (in the existing or modified form) the content of the site for commercial purposes.

The www.indira.ro user does not have the right to remove the copyright and/or trademark notice from copies of the content. Copies will only be made in accordance with the terms of use.

The user of www.indira.ro does not have the right to create databases or manuals by downloading the site's content page by page.

Requests regarding the republication or redistribution of content will be addressed to INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL at office@indira.ro

Customer Support:

We encourage you to write to us at office@indira.ro about how the delivery was carried out, about the degree of efficiency in terms of interaction with the operator who will take the order and last but not least, about the experience you have with the INDIRA products thus ordered . If you have any problems with an order or product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Processing of personal data and data privacy

  • What information we collect: name, first name, email address, phone number, billing address, delivery address, IP, company name (if applicable) including unique registration code, no. of registration in the Trade Register.
  • How we use your data: for business and administrative purposes (in particular to contact you and to process the orders you place on our website), to fulfill our contractual obligations, to promote our goods and services our and in relation to our legal rights and obligations.
  • Disclosure of User Data to Third Parties: The minimum necessary to fulfill our contractual obligations to you.
  • How your data is secured: by using technical and organizational solutions such as: storing information on secure servers, encrypting data transfers to and from our servers using SSL technology, encrypting payment operations on the site using SSL technology, allowing access to your personal data only when necessary, encryption of personal data, encryption of e-mails, pseudonymization and/or anonymization of personal data.

Users of the www.indira.ro website can exercise their rights provided for by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation), respectively:

o the right to access the data and receive information about its use;

o the right to request correction and/or completion of information (right to rectification);

o the right to request data deletion (the right to be forgotten);

o the right to restrict the use of data;

o the right to receive the data in a portable format;

o the right to object to data processing;

o the right to withdraw consent for data processing;

o the right to appeal to a supervisory authority

For details on the processing of personal data by INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL, you can access the website www.indira.ro section Privacy Policy.


The website www.indira.ro is a website with informative content. INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL assumes no responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of this information.

INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL does not guarantee in any way, explicitly or implicitly, the reality, actuality and completeness of the data and information presented on the site. Any inconsistencies or errors that may appear at a given time between the content of the website and the real information do not imply any liability, of any nature, for INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL.

The data and information accessible to the public on this site do not constitute recommendations, guarantees, consultancy or commitment on the part of INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL.

INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION will not be able to be held liable to any person/entity for any kind of damage that would result, directly or indirectly, from the use of the www.indira.ro website or as a result of any error or omission.

Changes in the terms and conditions of use:

INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL can make changes to the terms and conditions of use, without previously announcing this in the content of the site. Please, therefore, re-read the terms and conditions of use each time you access or use this site. Your use of the site after these terms have been modified constitutes your acceptance of the modified terms and conditions.

These rules are in accordance with Romanian legislation in force. Violation of the provisions of this document constitutes a violation of the rights of INDIRA ART DISTRIBUTION SRL and may attract the civil, contraventional or, as the case may be, criminal liability of the person at fault. Conflicts arising in connection with the terms of use of the website will be submitted to the courts for resolution.

This site may contain links to various sites. When you access these sites, you are implicitly outside the www.indira.ro site and you have the obligation to respect the terms and conditions of use of the new sites accessed.