Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a deep black stone with a rich history.

What is Black Onyx?

black onyx crystals

This mineral is a naturally occurring variety of agate, a more distant cousin of quartz. Today it is extracted from deposits located all over the world. Australia, Brazil, India and Madagascar are just a few of the places where Black Onyx has formed deep within the crust.

In addition to its intense black color, this stone often shows some straight and continuous striations. Milk white, they create a superb contrast against the opaque black background. Depending on the jeweler's preference, they may choose to polish the stone to remove striations, leaving behind a pure stone like those used in Indira's Black Onyx jewelry .

How to wear Black Onyx?

Black is the color, or more precisely, the non-color impossible to remove from your wardrobe. Regardless of the season or occasion, a black outfit gives you the elegance you want with minimal effort. You can accessorize these outfits with Black Onyx jewelry to complete your look.

Whether with a black cocktail dress or with an ivory shirt and a smart casual jacket, a piece of Black Onyx jewelry such as the Mystic Stone Silver Ring, Empire Silver Ring or Beaded Silver Bracelet is indispensable for a completely successful outfit.


The name of this stone comes from the Greek "onux" , which can be translated as "claw". Its unusual name comes from the legend that explains the origin of the mineral. It says it was created when Eros, the god of love, used one of his arrows to cut off a nail of his mother, Venus. Once dropped from the earth from Mount Olympus, the nail metamorphosed into what we call Black Onyx today.

This stone is also said to trap within itself the negative energy around you, leaving behind more stability for you to enjoy tranquility and peace. Even Cleopatra is said to have worn onyx jewelry due to its protective qualities.