Malachite is a deep green stone that has been adored in jewelry for thousands of years.

What is Malachite?

malachite stones

Malachite stone is actually a copper-rich mineral (~57% copper), which was actually one of the first man-discovered sources for copper to be mined. In nature, its color can range from a pastel green to such a dark shade of green that it appears black.

A very interesting feature of Malachite is that the stone, once cut and polished, will reveal its true beauty. Naturally, as it takes shape underground, "eyes" form inside it. These streaks in shades of green are further embellished by skilled artisans. One look is enough for them to decide how to grind the stone, so that the striations

How do we wear Malachite?

You don't have to be shy when it comes to a splash of color in your outfit. The piercing green of Malachite looks great in contrast with the autumn earth tones. These shades inspired by the nature that surrounds us fit perfectly!

Also, this stone can stand out with non-colors that never go out of style like white and black. The contrast between that white summer dress and the ring with the natural malachite stone will be really original and fresh. At the same time, you can stay stylish by wearing the same ring and a smart-chic black jacket.


From ancient times to the present, Malachite has functioned as a bridge between us and nature. This is most likely due to its unique shade of green, reminiscent of fresh and vibrant vegetation.

Moreover, this semi-precious stone had other less expected uses. For example, the ancient Egyptians discovered that once very finely ground, the mineral makes a wonderful eye shadow! Probably not with the same blending properties, but enough for a smoky eye look.