Garnet is a semi-precious stone, often red in color.

unpolished garnet stones

What is Garnet?

This stone originates deep in the earth's crust, where the pressure is unimaginably high. The heat at that depth is so intense that the minerals are forced to recrystallize, forming this gorgeous stone.

Garnet has been known to mankind for more than 5000 years. Even the wealthy inhabitants of ancient Egypt buried their deceased relatives with jewelry encrusted with such stones. Moreover, garnet has maintained its popularity throughout time, being the favorite stone of the citizens of Rome since ancient times.

What do we wear Garnet with?

This lively, fiery stone will go great with a light and airy summer outfit. Together with pale colors, she will be able to show her beauty to the fullest.

The deep garnet red will also blend well with autumn, when warm colors like falling leaves are loved by everyone. The reflections of Garnet will warm your rainy and cold autumn days.


Garnet is believed to be a stone that helps to quench desire, most likely due to its fiery color. Even kings used them to solve these intimate problems. We know this from the Princess Palatine, who surprised her husband, King Louis XIV's brother, using these stones. Although asked not to mention this to anyone, the Palatine told all the members of the royal court, and did not forget to write a few letters to those who were not present.

Garnet is considered to be the right stone for those born in January. It is also said that it can be a perfect gift for a couple's second anniversary.