The fashion trend that is gaining ground: the leg bracelet

Originating in the 70's, the leg bracelet characterizes the hippie style, which brings with it a sense of freedom, well-being and vacation.

The 90s brought it back into the spotlight, being then considered one of the most sought-after accessories.

Fashions are known to come back after a certain period and thus, recently, the ankle bracelet is once again in the top of preferences of both fashionistas and those who have just discovered it.

Today we give you five reasons why you should have at least one of the anklets on the list right in your jewelry box, and why you won't regret buying one.

Anklets are that accessory that until not long ago were considered suitable for the sea, ocean, beach and vacation. But it's good that fashion is coming back, but trends change, because now we can wear them whenever we like, not just on special occasions.

You can accessorize them with office, smart-casual and even sports outfits, depending on the style you adopt most often or the one that suits you best.

With us you can find anklets that will satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes: in silver, plated with 14 karat rose gold or with stones, you can choose your favorite or, why not, your favourites.

Sea Star Silver Foot Bracelet

Five designs of ankle bracelets to have

Five is quite a few for how many beauties you can find. We worked hard to make this top, which is ours – yes, we worked together in the office to get to it. 😁

Sea Star Silver Anklet

This bracelet is a delicate one, and the accessories in the shape of a Starfish that complement it will always give you the feeling of well-being and floating, just like them. A mind trip to the bottom of the ocean is what you want when the days are stressful and you need a break to disconnect.

With variable lengths from 21 to 25 centimeters, you can choose the one that fits your ankle best.

Emma Silver Anklet

Its delicate name makes it even more special. The Emma bracelet, made of 925 silver, is accessorized with circles and spheres that give it a carnival feel. Fun is always welcome, whether we're talking about parties or evenings with loved ones. It will teleport you there whenever you look at it.

Alisha Silver Anklet
Alisha silver foot bracelet

Alisha Silver Anklet

Alisha is a bracelet accessorized with five silver coins, which give it a special charm. In addition to this detail, you should know about it that it is plated with rhodium, which gives it a special shine and greater resistance over time.

You can place the coin bracelet inside or outside, depending on how you feel more comfortable.

Serendipity Silver Anklet

Serendipity is the second bracelet on our list to feature the star symbol. It is accessorized with four charms, but they simulate the heavenly stars as we know them represented.

It will take you far away, to dreamy nights and falling stars. It will remind you how beautiful it is to sit outside and admire the starry sky, whether you are at the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside. Wherever you are, you will instantly think of the holiday and the well-being it brings you.

Moon Silver Anklet

Silver moon ankle bracelet
Moon Anklet

Moon will orbit around your ankle, helping it shine and stand out with its beauty. The crescent moon charms are next to the sphere charms and are sure to send you and any onlookers on a journey to space. And more than that, it will make you the center of the universe.

These are our top five bracelet designs. In the comments we are waiting for you to tell us which are your favorites.

Before purchasing the bracelet for yourself, we recommend that you measure your ankle to get the right size.

But if you want to surprise someone and your ankle measurement is not handy, no problem, because most bracelets are adjustable and come in several sizes. Or if it still doesn't have the right size, you can change it to a smaller or larger one with just a few clicks. It's so easy to give a gift!

Choose this summer - and not only - to accessorize with a leg bracelet and you'll feel like you're on vacation every moment!

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