5 useful tips for the perfect look of overlapping silver necklaces

You want to stand out both on special occasions and everyday. To express your personality freely and without words, only with the help of clothes and accessories. We know very well that the first impression we leave on those around us is about sight. Any small detail can make a huge difference in the perception of each of us.

Today we come to your aid and tell you about a trend that is gaining ground all over the world: necklace stacking. That is, overlapping them to create a wow effect!

What does necklace stacking mean?

The word stacking means "joining" or "overlapping" in fashion terms. And stacking necklaces means overlapping or joining more than two necklaces at the same time, to give your outfit the personality and uniqueness it deserves. Because at the end of the day, every day is about you, and every day you deserve to feel special, just the way you are. Not only on special occasions.

How do you stack necklaces

Opinions are divided when it comes to the rules to keep in mind when stacking necklaces. We will tell you five things that we take into account when using this technique, and you will be able to choose the ones that suit you best.

  1. Take into account the length of the necklaces
    One of the most important aspects when it comes to stacking necklaces is their different lengths. From the base of the neck to longer models, it is important to see the details of each one.
  2. Choose a centerpiece
    The stacking of necklaces is good to be done with from 3 necklaces to 4-5 am we say, not to be too loaded either. The ideal number is an odd one, because another important part of the process is choosing a center piece, that is, the necklace you want to really stand out.
  3. Colors and materials
    When it comes to textures and the materials from which the necklaces are made, there are two camps of stylists: those who say that it would be good for the stacking to be made only of silver necklaces or only of gold necklaces and not necessarily of the same color; and the second camp is the one that says that stacking does not take these aspects into account and that everyone should adopt the one they feel more comfortable with. Here we can't tell you how to do it, because our opinion is that you must first of all feel good in your own skin and then take into account the advice you find or receive.
    Of course, there are different occasions in which to turn to stacking necklaces: whether everyday at the office, for walks in the park or birthdays and even at fancy parties. Here it depends only on you who you want to be the central piece of the stacking, if you will use necklaces without stones or with precious ones. Of course, the occasion will probably dictate the accessorizing of the necklaces, but you will be the one who chooses the combination, after all.
  5. Let your imagination fly
    In fact, the most important element when it comes to stacking is your imagination. She is the one who will highlight your personality through stacking. She is the one who will really value you.

In addition to all of the above, we also give you some suggestions for stacking necklaces that are sure to catch many eyes. What's more, you can also wear them individually, so you'll come out a winner whatever the purpose for which you buy them!

Necklaces from Indira for stacking

The Lunaire silver necklace is so beautiful and delicate that you will hardly be able to resist adding it to your stacking style. This is one at the base of the neck, and the moon-shaped pendant with zircon stones, simple and delicate as it is, will make any outfit stand out.

The whole necklace is rhodium plated, which makes it more resistant to wear and tear.

The silver Maryam necklace takes on a special meaning because of the heart-shaped pendants and their meaning. Whether you're in love or outright love, the Maryam necklace is a statement to wear every day.

The Love Letters silver necklace is another statement of self-love first, and love of life second. Plated with rhodium, it also has great durability over time. The letters have zircon stone inserts, which makes it even more special.

The Pink Poppie silver necklace is sure to stand out first and foremost because of its distinctive 14K rose gold plated silver color. The star-shaped pendant is encrusted with zirconia stones, which give it a special shine.

The sterling silver Collins necklace features stars: moons and stars studded with cubic zirconia stones, all over 14K rose gold-plated sterling silver will send you into a dreamland with every wear.

All the necklaces above can be worn both together and next to others that you already have at home when you want to give originality to the outfit. They have adjustable length, which you can juggle when stacking. All you have to do is choose the centerpiece of the combination and then let your imagination run wild.

Stacking is about originality and feeling good in your own skin every day. Just like the Indira jewels, whose versatility makes them suitable to wear to the office, for a walk, to birthdays or lavish parties.

Whenever you need an extra glow, we're here to send it your way!

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