Emerald: The stone of May

Many of us wear jewelry made of various metals and colored precious stones such as emerald , diamond or ruby, but perhaps few of us know that these stones are associated with each month of the year. Thus, the color of the stone is a symbol for the wearer and a message for those around.

The month of May is patronized by emerald, a green precious stone, considered one of the most valuable stones along with diamond, ruby ​​and sapphire. Adored by Cleopatra, considered a symbol of eternal life by the Egyptians and Greeks, the emerald, through its vivid color, enlivens any outfit and enhances the person who wears it.

For this month we come to your aid with information about emerald jewelry, with tips on the maintenance of these pieces to enjoy the color of the stone as much as possible, but also with the most famous emerald ring versions !

Emerald - between history and legend

Originating from the Greek "smaragdos" and the Latin "smaragdus", meaning "green stone" or "goddess of all green stones", the emerald is a unique stone, symbol of the gods. Even the beautiful Cleopatra chose it as her favorite stone, and legend has it that both she and her cats wore emerald jewelry .

Indira emerald silver necklace

Emerald represents wisdom and harmony, removing negative energies. It is the protector of love and bonds between spouses, marking the anniversary of 55 years of marriage - a suitable gift could be an emerald ring .

Emerald is a mineral from the beryllium family, whose color varies between red, yellow, green or blue. The value of the stone is influenced by:

  1. Color - combinations of chromium, vanadium and iron give shades of green. A darker color increases the value of the stone, used in emerald necklaces, earrings or rings .
  2. Clarity - is influenced by the stone's inclusions, defining its quality according to the International Gem Society: grade AAA+ contains extremely rare stones, and grade C low-quality stones.
  3. Dimensions - determine the number of carats and the price of the emerald. There are also small stones of exceptional clarity and color that are just as valuable as those from the Sandawana Mine, Zimbabwe.

Cut - depends on dimensions, durability and inclusions, but also on the craftsmanship of the jeweler.

Emerald Jewelry Care Guide

Like any gemstone, emerald needs to be cleaned periodically and kept in a suitable environment. The emerald stone has a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, the system by which a material's resistance to shocks or scratches is determined.

We recommend that you store emerald jewelry separately from other jewelry to avoid scratches and remove it before showering, going to the sauna, doing outdoor activities, or using cosmetics and creams.

It is important to avoid ultrasonic cleaning which can damage the emerald by deepening the cracks and destroying it over time. The best method is to use a professional jeweler who knows precious stones and metals and can use special products.

You can also clean emerald jewelry at home, keeping in mind a few tips:

  • Begin cleaning by wiping the jewelry with a soft cloth to remove accumulated dirt;
  • Immerse the gem in a bowl of lukewarm water and liquid soap for a few minutes;
  • Clean the jewelry with a soft brush over the entire surface, without insisting. If you notice spots, we recommend going to a jeweler!
  • Remove impurities and soap by immersing the gem in another bowl of lukewarm water;
  • Wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth.

Indira emerald silver necklace

The emerald ring - the favorite accessory of the stars!

Emerald is a precious stone that brings positive energies and vibrations of nature around you, to be in harmony with your inner self. Considered a symbol of stability, the emerald quickly became the stone of choice for celebrities.

US First Lady Jackie Kennedy was proposed to with an emerald and diamond ring by John F. Kennedy in 1953. Actress Halle Berry said yes wearing a yellow gold ring with an emerald and two diamonds. Former member of the Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham has a collection of engagement rings, including one with an emerald, proof of her relationship with her husband, footballer David Beckham.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor had an impressive collection of emerald jewelry: a platinum emerald and diamond brooch, earrings, a fabulous emerald and diamond necklace with a detachable element that could be worn as a brooch, and of course the famous emerald and diamond ring , a gift from actor Richard Burton.

A symbol of power and wisdom, the emerald has fascinated since ancient times with its green color and the properties it was believed to have. If you want to give an emerald gift, you can choose a timeless accessory from the Indira collections!