Rose Quartz

Also known as the "stone of the heart" or the "stone of love", this mineral with delicate reflections puts your femininity in the foreground.

What is Rose Quartz?

Like other types of quartz, Rose Quartz is formed when magma crystallizes, a process that can reach exorbitant temperatures. Unexpectedly, this violent and chaotic birth gives a soothing color to the stone. This can range from a barely perceptible pale pink to a vibrant rosy color.

Rose Quartz

In addition to this variety of color, this type of quartz also differs from specimen to specimen in translucency. From exceptionally clear stones to relatively opaque ones, natural beauty radiates from within each one.

Due to the unique phenomenon by which these stones are born, no two specimens are alike. Moreover, it is our duty to appreciate the beauty of nature in its every form.

The Rose Quartz in your jewelry most likely comes from a faraway corner of the world. This stone is mainly found in Brazil, India, Namibia and Mozambique.

How to wear Rose Quartz?

The soothing color of this stone makes it ideal for everyday wear. Its relatively cool shade of pink can be best complimented by other cool colors. Outfits that include light gray, white and even shades of pink will create an elegant and effective look. Looking like this will definitely give you that boost of confidence to complete any challenge.


The unique color of the mineral called Rose Quartz is highly appreciated throughout the globe. This is all the more definitive when we learn that "rose quartz" was voted the color of the year in 2016 by the Pantone Color Institute.

Rose Quartz should not be limited to one season. Summer or winter, this stone compliments both a tanned golden complexion and snow white skin equally.

Although the meaning of this stone varies slightly from one culture to another, it is often associated with gentleness, love and the feminine nature.