Smoky Quartz

In general, the color of this stone can range from a light brown with subtle shades of yellow, to a shade so dark as to appear black.

What is smoky quartz?

c smoky heather is one of the many varieties of colors that this mineral presents. The stone in your jewelry most likely comes from Brazil, where the largest supply is located. Considerable deposits can also be found in Madagascar.

Unlike many other stones and minerals, Smoky Quartz has an "innate" clarity. This quality makes it ideal for jewelry. Once carefully polished by the master jeweler, the stone captures playful sparkles of light within.

How to wear Smoky Quartz?

Its warm, earthy color makes this stone a perfect match for the fall-winter color aesthetic. As the weather gets colder and colder, the more we want to take with us new colors that keep us "warm".

Like deciduous trees, we dress in burgundy reds, ocher yellows, shades of brown and beige. Thus, this type of quartz will successfully complement the color palette of the cold season wardrobe.


An interesting thing about Smoky Quartz is that in medieval China, people used this stone as sunglasses! As previously mentioned, this variety of quartz is particularly clear much of the time. Taking into account the dark color, the ingenuity of the inhabitants of China does not seem at all surprising!

In Scotland, this stone is native to the land, which makes it highly valued by the locals. They use the stone to decorate their traditional garment, also called Kilt, which in simple terms is a "skirt" worn by men.