10 gift ideas for women you love

A piece of jewelry is not just a simple gift, it is a declaration of love, a source of joy, even more so when we are talking about gifts for women made of precious metals. Since ancient times, women have been attracted to jewelry, and it is no wonder that even today, they occupy an important place, highlighting their facial features, hands or neck and bringing out femininity and sophistication.

Among the gift options for her , jewelry is the most personal gift. Jewelry is a secret message that shows women how attentive to details the man next to them is, how much they are valued and loved by him, without using words, only deeds. By choosing silver or gold jewelry, you will have the opportunity to impress the woman in your life, and if you add the stone of the month in which she was born, you will transform a simple piece of jewelry into a unique experience.

Gifts for women according to the month of birth

Women love jewelry - it's no secret! Why? Because it gives them elegance, a dash of preciousness and because they are intimate gifts .

A gift option for women is birth moon jewelry, demonstrating a man's attention to detail that will impress any woman. If your girlfriend is born in January, you will choose garnet jewelry, and for February, amethyst. March's stone is aquamarine and April's is white topaz. If you are choosing gifts for her , opt for the emerald for May and the moonstone for June. For women born in July choose ruby, peridot for August, sapphire for September, opal for October, citrine for November and blue topaz for December.

rings with semi-precious stones indira

Flowers are a gift you can't go wrong with. How about transferring flowers into jewelry and creating an original gift? Choose such gifts for her and you will impress in a special way. For the month of January, the specific flower is the snowdrop, for February the iris, and for March the daffodil. For women born in April, you can choose jewelry with daisies, for May a lily, and for June a rose. The month of July is symbolized by the lotus, August by the poppy, September by the aster flower, and October by the marjoram. You can give chrysanthemum jewelry to women born in November, and holly to those born in December.

indira silver necklaces with your birth month flower

Silver jewelry - a precious metal loved for centuries

Used since 5000 years ago, the term silver comes from the Anglo-Saxon " seofor " and " siolfur ". The Ag symbol derives from the Latin " argentum " and the Sanskrit " argunas " and is one of the precious metals, along with gold and platinum. Due to its malleability, resistance to atmospheric oxidation, but also its special silver-white color, silver has been used in the making of coins, ornaments and jewelry offered as gifts for women, but also in the photography industry and for various electrical components .

Although not as rare as gold, silver is a special metal, symbolizing naturalness, and silver jewelry is a classic yet timeless gift for women that exudes elegance and sophistication.

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